Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Tamagotchi Game Cube Dog is on the iPhone

Tamagotchi Game Cube Dog is on the iPhone, The iTunes store offers Tamagochi play game play virtual pets. His name, Cube Dog. Virtual pet dogs this one as well as having forms shaped eyes, nose, ears, feet and body to suit its kind.

Tamagotchi Game Cube Dog is on the iPhone, Dog Cube highly interactive 3D technology as it is supported. Virtual dogs can react when pinched. Like the original dog, Dog Cube can also bark and repeat the words that conveyed the owner. As a result, the emotional relationship between animals and their owners can be created.

Dog Cube Views can be changed at will. There are a number of tricks in the Cube Dog. For example, instruct the virtual animals that behave like a ninja or playing ball. This can be played on iPhone 3G and 4, as well as the iPad.

Podotre just update iPhone apps Cube Dog and this animal can now be barking. Cube Dog is the application of interactive pets that you can change in accordance with the wishes and can now repeat the words that you have to say.

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