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Behind the Wall (2008)
Maine coastal town Harrison Bay is broke, so deputy mayor Drew Cabot arranges a deal with a contractor to develop the abandoned lighthouse for tourism. Father Hendry fails to convince the town council to veto the project. He also invited, sneakily, Katelyn Parks, who was foster-raised out of state after her father Christopher was locked-up for her mother's murder there. Once the basement is broken open, new bloodshed starts, and the horrible truth about the past is gradually unveiled.
Director: Paul Schneider
Writers: Michael Bafaro, Anna Singer
Stars: Lindy Booth, Lawrence Dane and James Thomas


Twenty years after discovering her mother murdered in her family's lighthouse home, traumatized Katelyn returns to the scene of the crime to confront her worst fears. After her father was arrested and incarcerated for the murder, Katelyn fled town, vowing never to return. Now two decades have passed, and a development company is planning to renovate the lighthouse. Drawn back to her childhood home, Katelyn discovers that the developers have begun disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Later, Katelyn learns that her grandfather harbored a dark secret, and that the only way to end the nightmare that started with the death of her mother is to finally unearth the truth about her family's dark history. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Lindy Booth - Katelyn
James Thomas - Drew
Jody Richardson - Herman

Paul Schneider - Director, Michael Bafaro - Screenwriter, Anna Singer - Screenwriter

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