Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 172 points Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 172 points Saturday, August 20, 2011,Wall Street in a week filled with turmoil. In fact, ended sharply corrected within two days of trading in shares due to investor fears of impending recession in the United States.

Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 172 points Saturday, August 20, 2011, Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 172 points on Friday closing the transaction when the New York or early on Saturday when Indonesia. While the leading index of shares (blue chips) fell four percent during this week, or about 6.6 percent for this year.

According to a trader at Knight Capital Group, Peter Kenny, the decline came despite a fixed return on Friday there is new information on signs of economic improvement. Market participants are still influenced by bad news about European banks and the U.S. that encourage manufacturing investors in a defensive position.

"The market was already slowing price area," said Peter Kenny as reported by the Los Angeles Times website. "Any data that we get seems to still be a negative market response," he added.

She said the action economist JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Citibank are lowering their projections of economic growth in the U.S. until the end of this year to trigger stock market decline. In fact, some predict that the U.S. banks are not sunk into a recession.

Dow Jones Industrial Average ended down 172.93 points, or 1.57 percent to as low as 10,817.65. Standard & Poor's 500 Index slid 17.12 points, or 1.50 percent, to 1123.53. While the Nasdaq composite index fell 38.59 points, or 1.62 percent at 2341.84 position.

As is known, at the opening, the stock index at the New York Stock Exchange also fell, after the emergence of fears the U.S. economic slowdown and financial uncertainty European countries.

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