Gomez: I Will Not Married to Justin Bieber

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Gomez: I Will Not Married to Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez (19) claimed to do until now still okay with her ​​boyfriend, Justin (17). But, he emphasized, this time he has no plans to marry later Bieber. Why?

Gomez: I Will Not Married to Justin Bieber, When asked if he would marry someday Bieber, firmly actress and the singer replied, "No, I was 19 years old."

However, he claimed to feel comfortable going out with one of the world's biggest pop star.

TWO lovebirds being romantic couple, Justin and Selena Gomez including celebrity couple who always look both intimacy and indulgence. However, Selena did not want to marry with Bieber.

As a lover, every woman is generally hoped would later marry her idol. However, not so with Selana. Because the 19-year-old, singer of "Cruella de Vil" is not thought to marry Bieber.

Although already comfortable dating Bieber, but Selena did not hide his interest when meeting with his idol, Shia LaBeouf (actor Sam Witwicky in the Transformers movie).

"I am very delighted to see the Shia. I seemed to fall in love. He probably thinks I'm crazy and stupid to myself, but I like it. I'm really obsessed with him since the age of 15 years," said Selena.

"Shia was older than me, so I like him. But I think I also want to marry baseball," he concluded.

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