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Good early game of golf Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods rediscovered sentuhannya.Pegolf United States (U.S.), it played well during the opening match of the World Golf Championships (WGC)-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone CC-South Course, yesterday.

Good early game of golf Tiger Woods, Woods' performance is quite promising after experiencing the world's best golfers suram.Mantan posted 68 punches or 2-under.Skor was created thanks to three birdies and one bogey.Itu first time Woods recorded 68 hit since the 2011 season was held.

Previously, the owner of 28 world rankings are more often reached even par or over after the game pembuka.Ini prove expertise and accuracy gradually improved. "I'm just trying to hit with sempurna.Beruntung, I have no trouble doing it," said Woods told Reuters.

"Honestly, it feels wonderful as when you return to play after being hit by a prolonged injury." Achievement is making increasingly believe diri.Dia optimistic Woods could carve a better outcome or even the title of the world's richest athletes juara.Ambisi could dimaklumi.Sudah two 35-year-old golfer's season has not lifted the trophy or rule WGCBridgestone Invitational since 2009.

However, Woods had to work hard to realize rencananya.Sebab, he was far behind Adam Scott of Australia who topped klasemen.Pegolf blow was recorded 62 or 8-under. That is, he's six strokes ahead of Woods. Certainly not easy to beat Scott.

In addition to much lead, he also appeared outside biasa.Dia recorded eight birdies without a mistake-free alias boogey.Lebih far Scott Woods considers the results achieved are not harmful. According to Scott, anyone can create a score tersebut.Dia did not see Woods as a serious threat.

"Sure, he does not think creating a 62 shot is the result of outside biasa.Itu common. Anyone can do it. Perhaps because he rarely achieve such an outcome, "said Scott. In addition to Scott, Woods also should be aware of the movement of Jason Day, Nick Watney, Rory Sabbatini.Ketiganya and have a greater chance of champions.

In fact, Day was as runner-up only one hit from Scott integral. While Watney and Sabbatini showed its versatility by creating 5-underdan 4-under.

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