Google Inc. bought a thousand patents IBM Corp.

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Google Inc. bought a thousand patents IBM Corp., Google bought IBM's 1000 patent, Google Inc. IBM Corp. bought a thousand patents to avoid charges of copyright theft of other technology companies.

Google Inc. bought a thousand patents IBM Corp., According to documents Patent and Trademark Office of the United States, one thousand patent sale transaction was done last week and includes a variety of systems. For example, the technology associated with the algorithms in the Google search engine and advertising business, as a way for Google's machine automatically adjusts the time according to their respective territories and those relating to electricity.

Last April, in a posting on the blog, Google's counsel, Kent Walker, write the number of legal proceedings or litigation of patents threaten innovation growth. "But in addition, does the company have to defend their findings in order to have a good portfolio," Kent said as quoted by the AP through Yahoo! News, Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

By protecting the patent, then any company can develop new products and services are original. Google's hobby is buying the patent.

Early last month, for example, Google won the auction of 6,000 patents owned by Nortel, a communications equipment company from Canada that has been folded. Last year, the California technology giant that bought the patent from Verizon Communications Inc. and Motorola Inc.

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