Google Maps presents the Weather Prediction

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Google Maps presents the Weather Prediction, If during the Google Maps service is only maps of certain areas and pointing at him, now Google adds weather forecast information in it.

Google Maps presents the Weather Prediction, To display the weather forecast on a map, a company led by Larry Page is holding the weather channel The Weather Channel,, and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

This weather information can be activated via the widget that sits at the top right corner of Google Maps. When the user clicks on the icon in a particular city weather it will appear a new window containing the data of temperature and humidity, wind speed, as well as weather forecasts up to four days.

Jonah Jones, Google Experience Designer, in his blog wrote a user can also shift the weather icons to the panel before the left and turn on or turn off the display when the weather enlarge the map.

In addition to presenting the weather forecast data in some countries, Google Maps also provides information about the topography and traffic conditions. Unfortunately, the feature is only available in 13 countries in Europe since last July.

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