Jay Z - Kanye West hostile

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Jay Z - Kanye West hostile, It's not easy to unite the two heads to achieve one common idea, especially if both are equally great. This is what happened to Kanye West and Jay Z, who reportedly fought for the album and tour together that would soon they were living.

Jay Z - Kanye West hostile, Both hip-hop star is even reportedly almost never spoke while they prepare for their collaborative album, Watch The Throne on 8 August, as well as live concert album promo for this September. And the cause is none other than the way they finance to coordinate this album and tour.

Some nearby sources both say that they could not reach agreement on the magnitude of the concert to be held. Kanye wanted to hold a concert 'next level' is expensive, while Jay-Z wanted to save more expenses and got a great advantage of this tour.

"Jay-Z could not agree with Kanye. Jay is a businessman who was cold and stubborn. He wants to get huge profits from Live Nation. But Kanye wanted to surpass the rock star with a massive concert. He does not care what it costs. He also did not matter will be how much of this concert, "said a source tells Splashnews.

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