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Jessica Alba Just Two Children Only, Jessica Alba is awaiting the birth of second child, do not desire more children. He worries can not divide their time between children and work.

Jessica Alba Just Two Children Only, 30-year-old actress was admitted, taking care of his daughter who is now aged three years is not an easy job. He could not imagine what life would be like if one day have many children.

"Maybe I'll change my mind. But now I really can not imagine it if you have more than two children," Jessica said as quoted by Femalefirst, Wednesday 3 August 2011.

Jessica admitted inspired his role as Marissa Cortez Wilson who is a wife and also a spy in the movie Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, who can do all the housework and caring for five children and completes the job as a spy as well.

"In the film I tried to change the child's diaper and receive the conference call, and at the same time I have to go straight to do anything else at the same time anyway," he said.

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