Justin launched the Ice Cream 'Bieber Bocker Glory'

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Justin launched the Ice Cream 'Bieber Bocker Glory', Justin apparently never desperate to spoil the girls of fans around the world. After launching her perfume, this time the young singer has launched an ice cream.

Justin launched the Ice Cream 'Bieber Bocker Glory', Ice cream named Bieber Bocker Glory was launched at Harrods this week. Some specialist ice cream makers ice cream from a luxury store in London, together making ice cream that will soon overrun the Beliebers this.

To be able to enjoy ice cream is Justin, the fans have to pay 20 pounds or about Rp270 thousand. This particular ice cream will be available throughout August, ready to indulge tongue Bieber fans with fruit sundae consisting of summer berries, vanilla, fresh pear, with a sprinkling of lavender and glitter that can be eaten.

Justin himself had admitted that he 'can only be surrendered' to sweet foods. Last June, Justin was also seen taking Selena Gomez, her lover, visiting an ice cream restaurant in his home, Stratford, Ontario.

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