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Long Time Dead (2002)

A young Londoner and his friends use a Ouija board to hold a seance, triggering a chain of mysterious deaths that may be caused by an otherworldly force.

Director: Marcus Adams
Writers: Marcus Adams (story), Daniel Bronzite (screenplay)
Stars: Joe Absolom, Tom Bell and Lara Belmont
Writing credits
(in alphabetical order)
Marcus Adams story
Eitan Arrusi screenplay
Chris Baker screenplay
Daniel Bronzite screenplay
Daniel Bronzite story
Andy Day screenplay
James Gay-Rees story


A group of college students play with an Ouija board in an attempt to connect to the spiritual realm. Unfortunately, the drunken participants actually succeed in contacting a spirit that spells out the words “all die” on the board. Spooked, the students immediately close up the board, bringing the demonic spirit into their world. Soon enough, members of the party begin dying, leaving the rest to figure out how to vanquish the angry spirit.

This movie comes off as generic. As I’ve already stated before, the subjects of angry spirits, Ouija boards and demon worship are already pretty stale and are very hard to be used in an original fashion, and Long Time Dead fails to do that. That doesn’t necessarily make a bad movie, just a very mediocre one. While the subject matter doesn’t exactly excel, the acting does. I enjoyed watching the cast interact with each other and the dialogue was brimming with cleaver and quirky English humor, the same type of humor you would find in any of the sitcoms that air on BBC America. I especially appreciated Liam’s transformation from fun loving Englishman into a tortured character, haunted by his dark past, which is revealed by some creepy newspaper articles.

The script was fairly solid, with a few twists that’ll keep you interested throughout the film as you watch the cast being picked off one by one by the Dijnn demon. The kills in this film are not anything bloody or over the top, which I think works in this film’s favor. In my opinion, splatter and gore should be saved for slasher films, zombie films and the like. Subtle effects work best the occult horror genre, creating a more quiet, atmospheric feel to them.

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