Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Treatment and Diagnosis

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Treatment and Diagnosis, Examination of the airway from the nose level until the larynx with a fiber optic nasofaringoskopi. Location of obstruction is important to know related to the suitability degree of weight or severity of OSA that ruling, made through polysomnography examination.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Treatment and Diagnosis, Polysomnography results will determine the type of therapy is right for the patient, whether performed by surgical or non surgical techniques. In treating OSA, each patient will receive therapy treatments are different, different, according to the cause of OSA. And to find the location of the blockage / obstruction causing OSA definitely, immediately consult a physician and necessary diagnostic tests, such as:
The Body Index:
<30, 65% OSA,> 30, 25% - 30% of OSA,
Physical Examination: Nose, ENT, tongue, etc.,
Epworth Sleep Scale (ESS), under 10 tend to OSA
Sleep Endoscopy, by means of anesthesia by administering sleeping pills
Sefalometri: examination of bone
Sleep test

- Evaluation of sleep disorders: EEG, EMG, EOG, ECG
- Weighing snoring, the number of stopping breathing, constriction location, oxygen saturation, etc..

Snoring and OSA can be treated with various therapies, both surgical and non surgical. Some Non-Surgical therapy:
Weight Loss
Changes in sleep position: tilt
Oral / Dental appliance
The use of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), which is used when the patient went to sleep. CPAP is usually used sufferers, until the cause of snoring is resolved.

Commercial Products.
Surgical therapy is performed by the ENT specialist if non-surgical therapy fails. Surgery was performed with a variety of methods adapted to the conditions and severity of patient illness, including; Pillar implants, radiofrequency inferior Konka, cautery-assisted palatal stiffening operation somnoplasty, uvula palato pharyngoplasti (UPPP), and tounge base surgery.

Both surgical and non-surgical therapy can not eliminate the snoring sound 100%. But the snoring sound generated is very smooth and no longer trigger the occurrence of stopping breathing during sleep (OSA), so it is not threatening.

The use of CPAP, is one of the non-surgical therapy is very effective, so it is recommended by doctors, although its use a little inconvenient, but the success rate and minimal side effects can be relied upon to overcome snoring and OSA, to overcome the cause of OSA. CPAP latest model can automatically adjust the natural breathing pattern according to the needs of the wearer, and is packed with a smaller and lighter and more easy and convenient to use.

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