Sleep apnea Increases the Risk of Loss of Life up to 46%

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Sleep apnea Increases the Risk of Loss of Life up to 46%, A study conducted by Naresh Punjabi and colleagues from Johns Hopkins University found that the risk of death in patients with severe sleep apnea was 46%. This risk is clearly visible in men aged 40-70 years.

Sleep apnea Increases the Risk of Loss of Life up to 46%, They say that people with breathing disorders during sleep has a higher risk of dying by various causes compared with people who do not suffer from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep disorder characterized by snoring and excessive sleepiness during the day. Furthermore, sleep apnea lead to hypertension, a variety of cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and stroke. Sleep apnea occurs due to narrowing of the airway during sleep. As a result the oxygen supply will be interrupted repeatedly throughout the night.

The study, published to coincide with Indonesia's Independence Day at the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Medicine, examined 6,400 people for 8 years. Those who have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea are more prone 46% dying by various causes.

In the study population, among men, 42.9% did not have breathing disorders during sleep, 33.2% diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, 15.7% moderate and 8.2% of them experiencing severe sleep apnea. In women 25% are diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, sleep apnea was 8% and 3% is sleep apnea weight.

According to the researchers, those with severe sleep apnea may stop breathing for 20-30 seconds and woke up (but not to wake up from sleep.) Degree of severity of sleep apnea is seen from the number of stopping breathing per hour (AHI / apnea hypopnea index) where 0 -5 times the normal hourly mean snoring without stopping breathing, 5-15 times per hour, mild sleep apnea, 15-30 times per hour and sleep apnea are more than 30 times the hourly mean severe sleep apnea. Checks on sleeping in a sleep laboratory using polysomnography equipment (PSG.)

Compared with our experience at Mitra Kemayoran, sleep apnea is the heaviest ever reach 109 times per hour with a duration of stopping breathing's longest at 120 seconds and reaches the lowest oxygen levels of less than 50%! Of course this is very dangerous.

Data from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says that 12 million American adults suffer from sleep apnea. Meanwhile, according to the National Sleep Foundation, an estimated 18 million people. Unfortunately, in Indonesia there has been no national studies that consider this a fatal sleep disorder. Given the structure of the jaw is narrower racial Asia, Indonesia has more suspected sleep apnea patients.

According to Drs. David Rapoport of the New York University who also participated in the research, current best treatment is to use a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), a mask that delivers pressurized air to open the airway during sleep.

While other alternative is surgery, including removal of the tonsils, if necessary. Another option is to use a mouth that could push the lower jaw forward.

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