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The Crazies (2010), Is one of the movie titles that may be your favorite, Any Movie titles are in production there is a way the story contained in it like a movie I titled this post The Crazies (2010) Hollywood Movie Watch Online.

The Crazies itself is a remake of the same titled film by director George A Romero ever released in 1973. The latest version of The Crazies itself should be recognized not give anything new compared to the films of George A Romero other and apocalypse-themed films like 28 Weeks Later. The difference might be if the other films of a victim exposed to the virus they will turn into a man-eating zombies, then on The Crazies those exposed to the virus just described will die or be more aggressive than ordinary humans.

Directed by Breck Eisner himself managed to build the intensity of tension since the beginning of the film this movie. Gradually, Eisner and then continue to build more tension level in the next scene by giving some scenes a surprise to be recognized will succeed in making every fan of the movies thriller feel satisfied. Unlike most horror film remake, the various scenes in the film The Crazies done very neatly. The Crazies are not only offers a variety of scenes of blood which had always existed in a kind films, but also a wide selection of images that add somber and dark impression of this film that will increasingly add to the intensity of the tension of the storyline.

Although no one gives the appearance of a very special, the ranks of the cast of The Crazies managed to turn every character they play. This, once again, make The Crazies ahead of films like that are circulating in recent years. Joe Anderson, who plays Russell, is probably the most stand-out performance compared to the ranks of other actors. Anderson manages to give a good illustration of a Russell, which although believed by the David and Judy, but has a temperament that made him slowly shunned both.

The Crazies do not really offer anything new or special in the story. However, director Breck Eisner managed to provide appropriate treatment for this film. With the tension slowly build up the intensity since the beginning of the film, as well as providing a variety of shocking scenes along the way the story, making The Crazies at least look elegant and better than the movies a lot of classmates who released several years later.

About the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply.

Director: Breck Eisner
Writers: Scott Kosar (screenplay), Ray Wright (screenplay), and 1 more credit »
Stars: Radha Mitchell, Timothy Olyphant and Danielle

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