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The Dark Lurking, Is one of the movie titles that may be your favorite, Any Movie titles are in production there is a way the story contained in it like a movie I titled this post The Dark Lurking (2010) Hollywood Movie.

The Dark Lurking
The eight remaining survivors of a secret research facility barricade themselves away from a horde of ancient and deadly creatures.

Director: Gregory Connors
Writer: Gregory Connors
Stars: Tonia Renee, Bret Kennedy and Ozzie Devrish

It wouldn’t be so bad if this film was non-stop action. And there are periods of time when it is. Honestly, during those portions this film isn’t bad. The practical effects in this film are really good, especially for the budget. There’s very little to no CGI in this film and the monster makeup is very good. The zombies look pulpy and putrid. The demons are crusty and menacing looking. Given the low budgets, I’m amazed at the things they were able to pull off. The action is fast paced, filmed solidly (though not perfectly) and entertaining. When it’s moving quickly, this is an entertaining little flick.

However, the film does slow down and expand upon the plot. And when it does, the entire thing falls apart. The characters here are so one-dimensional, they invoke no reaction from the viewer. And when you don’t care about the characters, how are you supposed to care about anything that’s happening on screen? The plot is so derivative and obvious that it doesn’t really even need that much expanding upon because everyone can see where it’s going. And the painful acting and dialogue make it a chore to sit through these parts.

I know I can’t judge a film by it’s cover. I mean, last week I reviewed a movie that I was convinced was about a giant space slug wrecking Tokyo and instead got an intelligent reflection on childhood and the mundanity of adult life. However, when I saw the tagline “In Space, Terror Knows No Bounds” on this DVD cover below an obvious knock-off of the alien from “Alien”, I groaned and died inside a little. This is not an original film by any stretch of the imagination. We start with a young woman waking up on a space station by herself. Think Ripley from “Alien” but with an Australian accent. Quickly, everything goes to hell and there’s shooting, monsters and people dying left and right much like in “DOOM”. Eventually, she finds safety with a group of survivors, who can’t get along and are plagued by in-fighting and trust issues, much like every zombie film ever. Finally, it becomes apparent that the creatures attacking the ship aren’t natural in origin and are actually demonic entities from Hell just like in “Event Horizon”. There is not a single original idea in this film.

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