Tiger Woods is still a highlight

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Tiger Woods is still a highlight, American golfer, Tiger Woods back into the spotlight ahead of the PGA Championship. The reason this becomes a fitting moment after he had fasted for nearly two-year degree.

Tiger Woods is still a highlight, Fasting title in a long time not easy for golfers of the caliber of Woods. Various reasons he had to spend to respond to criticism that reporters about his performance deteriorated.

Now, he promised to achieve success in this championship which will begin today at Atlanta Athletic Club. Moreover, he claimed to be healthy to welcome this tournament. "In pursuit of victory, I should be healthy," Woods said as reported by the Chronicle, Thursday 11 August 2011.

"That's what we're trying to get it. Now I can go and be able to run the game. I have done a training session, and I think it's the only way to know how far my game now, "he continued.

In addition, Steve Williams, who has been sacked Woods last month, now works for Adam Scott and managed to bring his new boss had won the World Golf Championship at Firestone on Sunday. Woods, said the successful achievement of Steve as the best victory of his career. "I am pleased to see Stevie and Adam won," added Woods.

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