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TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship is the title that I created, TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship is the title of the previous blogs I have created article, this blog only support for Optimization on the blog.

TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia The title is a seo keyword for the match that held in Indonesia by the TOP 1 Oil, I hope to win in the contest, though not win may be a bitter experience for me.

It was a very tiring day, after I made an article about the TOP 1 Synthetic Indonesia with the keyword "TOP 1 Oli Sintetik Mobil-Motor Indonesia" in two blogs.

Remember for this contest Winner Rating:
On October 30, 2011 (12.00 Indonesia time), we will do a search and assessment / scoring for "keyword" in (IP and
The score is calculated by giving points to position 10-10 on any search engine. You will receive 10 points for rank 1, and 1 points to rank 10.

For example:
Your web site: or subdomain -> (not using the domains and subdomains with the target keywords in lombakan).

Ranking in Google: 7 = 4 points
Rank in Yahoo: 2 = 9 points
The value of quality articles = 7 points
Total points for = 20 points

In addition to these value systems, quality content or articles are also taken into account.

Assessment Criteria The article is the prerogative of the jury, more details here.

- Determining the winner: a combination of top rank assessment results with the results of the assessment articles (content).
- If 2 contestants end up with total points equal then the highest ranked participant in will take a higher position.

Criterion 1 TOP SEO Articles Championship 2011:

General Provisions:

1. The number of characters in each post 2000-2500 characters (not including spaces).
2. Writing has never been contested on similar activities for other brand or product.
3. Writing in Indonesian is good and true.

Category (choose one):
1. Technical / Information (The article tells about the technical superiority TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship).
2. Lifestyle / Travel (The article tells about the best experience with TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship).
3. News / Analysis News (article of a collection of news TOP 1 on various news portals).

1. Any articles that are contested will be read and determined the winner by a jury.
2. The jury reserves the right to change the categories have been determined competitor.
3. The jury reserves the right to disqualify participants if there are elements of fraud.

Merchandize / souvenir T-shirt (all size) will be sent via courier, we send only 1 t-shirts for a destination address. -> TOP 1 merchandize not specify what and how many numbers ..

With the onset copas (copy paste) among participants who made the original author of the article is harmed, then we ask all participants to submit articles they've written to:

email: top1.championship @

By title: TOP 1 article my SEO Championship 2011.

then email content is the article itself (without images and links).

ends with a link to the article you diwebsite (Example: TOP1-synthetic-oil-car-motorcycle-indonesia.html)

Again, the jury deciding on the search engines are Google Indonesia ( and Yahoo Indonesia (

TOP 1 SEO Championship 2011 is not just a race sundul at page 1 and rank 1 but the way the natural way in which SearchEngine bot works with the natural way with honesty. You must be very aware

To acquire concepts and knowledge about TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship is true then should be given specific training and education. Exercise and education about TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship can be administered either formally or informally, and seek penjalasan or more information either online atupun not.

Information About TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship, This time an article of I no. 06 entitled TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship , Specifically for Friend netter around the world, Regards See you hopefully all of you in good health and welcome to the site News Indonesia you want to find information and news as well as writing articles about TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship, I just want to tell you the article TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship, You Do not confused and hesitant to read and learn about TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship , Read and listen well either paper or article TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship , Maybe this article can add to your knowledge, I took the study materials from various sources and litelatur, books, news, information, writings of the blogger associated with TOP 1 Sintetik Indonesia Championship and inspiration from my own.

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