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Two Children Jessica Alba Make Up Level, Actress Jessica Alba (30), who is now two entities, said enthusiastically welcome their second child. He also feels complete with the presence of sister Honor Marie Warren (3), the fruit of her love with Cash Warren.

Two Children Jessica Alba Make Up Level, "It was like really officially became a mother when you have two children. Differences with having one child, had two children will make you more up to the next level, "said Jessica.

Various preparations began in Alba, from start to prepare the bedroom specifically designed for the youngest. "I use paint that is safe and environmentally friendly," he said.

Support also came from the husband. Spy Kids star told this, Warren is helping prepare his needs. "He could not agree more since knowing I was pregnant (again)," he told

Although labor has not been designed, Jessica revealed that she had planned how to get back to normal shape. "Working only 45 minutes each day. That's good for my mental condition. Sorry, is this a bad idea? I just hate to work, "he said.

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