Wedding bridal dress Kim Kardashian

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Wedding bridal dress Kim Kardashian, Guess What color wedding dress Kim Kardashian? Will Hollywood celebrity Kim kardashian sexy berbokong will wear a blue wedding dress? Or is pink like the one worn Reese Witherspoon?

Wedding bridal dress Kim Kardashian, Or red? Or will harmonize with her ​​future husband's favorite color, Kris Humphries, a giant basketball player from New Jersey Nets? This mystery is still full of mist. But whatever, Kim seems to be wearing a dress the color of an unusual Saturday night.

Reality show star who has a beautiful body shape with a dress code to send invitations to her friends asking them to wear black or white. From the dress code, it seems Kim has been prepared to dress accordingly.

Kim Kardashian made ​​the wedding dress designer renowned artist subscriptions, Vera Wang. Still curious? Let's wait what the appearance of Kim and Kris at the party that supposedly worth billions of dollars.

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