Al Qaeda Plan to Attack U.S. Military Base in Qatar

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Al Qaeda Plan to Attack U.S. Military Base in Qatar, The trial of suspected members of Alqaida members, accused of plotting attacks on two U.S. military bases in Qatar, beginning in Riyadh on Saturday.

Al Qaeda Plan to Attack U.S. Military Base in Qatar, The group consisted of 41 members - including 38 citizens of Saudi Arabia, one of Qatar, an Afghan and a Yemeni - as well as an operation "the most important Al Qaeda" in Saudi Arabia, said the attorney general.

They "have been planning attacks in the territory of Qatar to the U.S. base at Al-Udeid and As-Sailiyah", he added.

As-Sailiyah air bases and camps of Al-Udeid serves as a launch pad for the U.S. military to attack in Afghanistan in 2001 and in Iraq in 2003.

Nine of 41 people accused were present in court Saturday and the judge has given them time to review the allegations. Other defendants will Tampi later, he said.

A total of 86 suspected members of Al Qaeda on trial in a special security court Arabia, Sunday, in connection with deadly attacks carried out in the kingdom.

The defendants were facing charges including al Qaeda, taking part in attacks on public buildings and residential complexes, as well as smuggling and weapons possession.

Thirteen people from the group was accused of participating in a car bombing in May 2003 in three residential complexes that caused 129 people dead or wounded, including several women and children, said the Saudi news agency SPA.

In April, a court source said the whole 5080 terrorist suspects facing trial or have been on trial before a special court which has come under fire from lawyers.

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