Angelina Sondakh inspected Over Six Hours

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Angelina Sondakh inspected Over Six Hours, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) examine Angelina Sondakh Democratic politician for nearly six hours as a witness of the suspect cases of alleged bribery homestead project SEA Games athlete Mohammad-Nazaruddin.

Angelina Sondakh inspected Over Six Hours, "I've checked the KPK. The question just ask the KPK investigators," Angelina said when leaving the Building Commission, Jakarta, Thursday, September 15, 2011.

Angie familiar greeting, just out of the building anti-corruption agency is around 17.45 pm. He came to the Commission at around 9:40 pm from her late husband's brother escorted Adjie Massaid.

There is no other sentence than Angie after exiting the building. He immediately "hunted" is not just journalists who used to be in the Commission, but also the pursuers of infotainment news.

As a result the winner of elections that the party cadres need extra effort to be able to break through the hordes of reporters and into a black Toyota Harrier his.

Angie KPK investigators examined because some times called Nazaruddin, Mindo Rosalina Manulang - aka Rosa, and former finance staff Yulianis Permai Group. He and Wayan Coster touted received some money and pass it to other board members.

Angelina Sondakh who is Treasurer of the Commission X, had called Nazaruddin go with the flow of funds related to the Agency related to the project budget guesthouse athletes.

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