Arabic magazine is bound model bikini

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Arabic magazine is bound model bikini, An Arab named Lilac magazine based in Israel, breaching a taboo in Arab countries by showing a picture of a sexy model, as a magazine cover. Models dressed sexy on the cover of magazines is common, but probably not for this one country.

Arabic magazine is bound model bikini, Yara Mashour, an Israeli of Arab descent who is the chief editor of the magazine as well as Lilac, intends to challenge customs and traditions in Arabia. Yara featuring Huda Naccache, who was 22 years old, from Haifa, as a model. With poses in her black sequinned bikini, this girl look stunning on the cover of magazines side by side with Arabic script.

This is done Huda to make changes to the Arab community, especially women. He wants the women here have more rights and freedoms. Although time worrying due to the norms prevailing in the country, Huda was very pleased to make this breakthrough in the country.

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