British Prime Minister and French President Welcomed as Heroes in Libya

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British Prime Minister and French President Welcomed as Heroes in Libya, Prime Minister David Cameron Imggris and French President Nicolas Sarkozy was greeted as a hero in Libya. They are the first foreign leader to visit Libya since Colonel Muammar Qaddafi fall.

British Prime Minister and French President Welcomed as Heroes in Libya, Cameron and Sarkozy arrived in Tripoli on Thursday 15 September 2011 morning, the place where they will hold talks with Libyan leader temporarily. They pledged support for the NTC and announced a series of measures including the unfreezing Libyan assets and funding for landmine clearance.

Cameron and Sarkozy are now under tight security trip to Benghazi, eastern stronghold and seat NTC Libyan revolution. In Benghazi thousands of people filled the center of Liberty Square, cheering welcome them both.

Cameron said the crowds are very happy to be in Libya are now free. "Colonel Qaddafi said he would hunt you like a rat, but you show the lion of courage," he said.

Sarkozy, who came into the crowd never stopped screaming his name called, Sarkozy was eventually reached out to shake hands, many people in Libya who are flying the flag of the French crowd.

During the one day visit NTC Cameron praised for giving control over Libya, but he also warned that Libya still must be careful because the hardest part is still there in front of him.

Both she and Sarkozy said NATO will continue its mission under a UN mandate to protect civilians Libya until the last remnants of forces defeated pro-Qaddafi. Britain and France will be at the forefront of the NATO operation in Libya.

Sarkozy urges Libya to avoid revenge and retribution, asking them to maintain unity and seek reconciliation. Meanwhile, Abdul Jalil thanked Mr Cameron and Mr Sarkozy for helping to rebuild the political, economic and military in Libya.

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