Dow Jones jumps 275 points on Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Dow Jones jumps 275 points on Thursday, September 8, 2011, Stocks rally in almost all the stock is able to stop the New York stock market collapse earlier due to easing concerns of Europe's debt crisis in overnight trading.

Dow Jones jumps 275 points on Thursday, September 8, 2011, Shares - the stock rose sharply after the German courts continue to support its role to help against the state - a European country debt crisis.

In trading Wednesday, September 7, 2011 local time, the Dow Jones jumped 275.56 points (2.47 percent) to 11,414.86 leel. Nasdaq technology stock index rose 75.11 points (3.04 percent) to 2548.94 and the S & P 500 index also rose 3.38 points (2.86 percent) to 1198.62 position.

Surging stock prices on Wall Street also triggered by the Italian Senate approved the budget deficit cuts and the U.S. central bank report (the Fed) which showed that business conditions improved.

Investors also speculated that President Barack Obama will announce a package of employment policy worth U.S. $ 300 billion by cutting taxes, state aid and infrastructure spending in a speech tonight in front of Congress.

Dow Jones and other indexes fell in three days earlier because of concerns over the weakening U.S. labor and debt crisis of the European region could cause a global economic recession.

"The market today is like to get out of recession, so that whenever there is a signal that the economic policy issues responded very positively," said Brian Gendreau, market strategist at Cetera Financial Group.

German court decisions that support the assistance of the European Union pushed Treasury prices (U.S. government bonds) fell as investors back into risky assets like stocks. In recent weeks U.S. bond prices rose to make the yield dropped to its lowest level since the increasing demand for low-risk investment.

Market sentiment is still worse as the release of data - economic data late this ahir. "But you have now can see what the institutional investors, I can get better gains in the stock S & P 500 than I invest in bonds," said Howard Ward, a portfolio manager of GAMCO Growth Fund.

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