French President Visit Libya

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French President Visit Libya, NATO's senior leaders including French President Nicolas Sarkozy is scheduled to visit Libya for the first time since Col. Muamar Khadafy overthrown.

French President Visit Libya, They will hold talks with the National Transition Council, NTC, and a number of prominent anti-Khadafy.

Sarkozy will arrive to escort 160 security forces, and mostly from the special anti-riot unit, CRS.

NATO leaders will arrive in Libya and continued visits to Benghazi, which is controlled entirely by the forces supporting the interim government.

According to the BBC Indonesia in Benghazi plan they will deliver a speech at Liberty Square.

Previously Chairman of the NTC, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, promising safety to world leaders who visited the Libyan. "We say to the leaders to come tomorrow they will be safe."

French president will be accompanied by the philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, who is mentioned many observers are people who are behind Sarkozy in taking decisions against Libya.

In another development the UK have circulated a draft resolution to UN Security Council that would reduce the UN sanctions against Libya.

Meanwhile, the United States said felt compelled to further enhance the NTC control over security forces in Libya.

NATO launched a series of raids under the UN mandate to protect civilians Libya.

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