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Google Search Engine 'Contain' Vitamin C, Google recalled Hungarian physiologist, Albert Szent-Gyorgi, search engine giant Google made the Google Doodle or logo on its search site to show the fruits that contain vitamin C, like oranges, pineapple and lemon.

Google Search Engine 'Contain' Vitamin C, For example, oranges contain 45 mg (54 percent) of Vitamin C per 100g, Pineapple contains 36.2 mg (44 percent) per 100g and lemons contain the highest among the three with 53.0 mg (64 percent) of Vitamin C per serving 100g. Strawberry also displayed on the Google doodle because the fruit is also a good source of vitamin C with 82mg per 144g serving.

Commemorating the birthday of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi to 118 the right falls today (16 September 2011), in which the Szent-Gyorgyi was a physiologist who first discovered the components of vitamin C and the reaction of the citric acid cycle contained in it.

According to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Wikipedia is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, for his contributions in the field of Science of the functions of living systems. It is quoted Helrald Pop, Friday (16 September 2011).

Szent-Gyorgyi was born in Budapest on September 16, 1893. He continued his education at Semmelweis University in 1911, but known to Szent-Gyorgy is a figure that 'bored studying in class'. Instead of learning from books and teachers who teach, he even started the research in his uncle's anatomy laboratory. Laboratory activity was interrupted in 1914 because he entered the military as a medic in World War I.

After the war Szent-Gyorgyi resume a research career and miraculous times to move the campus until finally he decided to lecture at the University of Groningen. He focused on the study of chemistry of cellular respiration.

His work on the chemistry of cellular respiration makes Szent-Gyorgyi go to the Rockefeller Foundation in Cambridge University. There he received his PhD degree in 1927 for his work in mengsisolasi process called 'acid hexurobic' from the adrenal glands (related to adrenaline). Hexuronic acid is now known as Ascorbic Acid, organic compounds and one form of Vitamin C.

Szent-Gyorgyi suspect hexuronic acid can be 'antiscorbutic factor', but it can not be proven without a biological test. Recent studies of Szent-Gyorgyi known as 'Ascorbic acid' is done in King's laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh. in the laboratory Szent-Gyorgyi discovered indirectly adrenal hexuronic acid was vitamin C in early 1932.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi moved to the United States (U.S.) in 1947 and he married his first wife in 1965. Szent-Gyorgyi died on October 22, 1986 in Massachusetts at the age of 93 years.

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