Intel Corporation secures the computing cloud Until Hardware

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Intel Corporation secures the computing cloud Until Hardware, One important topic in the discussion of cloud computing (cloud computing) is security.

Intel Corporation secures the computing cloud Until Hardware, Based on research from Goldman Sachs Equity in January 2011, stated that 70 percent of Chief Information Officer (CIO) argues that security is a primary consideration in determining whether this technology will be applied within the company.

On the other hand, the ability of a hacker or hackers is growing rapidly. For example LulzSec group that has the ability to break into the CIA's site.

Therefore, cloud computing development company seeks to strengthen the security system. The goal is that the public has the confidence to use this new technology, including Intel Corporation, which operates the cloud with Intel Xeon processors.

With Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT), Intel seeks to give protection to the level of cloud security hardware.

"Because of the protection through software alone is not enough," said Nick Knupffer, Marketing Director of APAC Intel Data Center Group, in a press conference at the Office of Intel, Jakarta, Monday, September 12, 2011.

Intel TXT start work when the device start up, using a system called 'root of trust', ie by checking the three main components in the cloud, ie firmware, BIOS, and the Hypervisor.

With this technology, malicious code or malware can be immediately detected. "When TXT find things that are not supposed to happen, then the system will immediately stop the boot," said Knupffer added.

Meanwhile, the encryption protection of data in the cloud computing also become an increasingly vital, given the technology is not stored in the conventional data.

For this, Intel has the Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instruction (AES-NI). Intel AES-NI has six additional instruction from pre-existing AES. This technology can increase the speed of doing encryption at the same time reducing the risk of attack.

Knupffer adds Intel has three vision on the development of cloud technologies until 2015. The first is terfederasi, namely the transfer of data between public and private cloud can be done safely.

Second is the client-aware, that there is a system that is able to recognize and meet the needs of a variety of different devices, like smartphones and notebooks.

Last is the cloud should already operates automatically with human intervention are minimal or even none at all.

Knupffer also stated that the application of cloud computing in the future is not only very important but also inevitable.

"In 2015 more than 15 million devices will be accessible to the internet and internet users grow more 1 billion," he said.

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