Iran leader warns Arab Countries

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Iran leader warns Arab Countries, The Iranian leader warned Arab states, who recently suffered a rebellion against autocratic regimes in their respective countries, so as not to forego the United States and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to intervene and influence the formation of political system they make postrevolutionary.

"Never trust the U.S., NATO, and the kinds of criminal regimes Britain, France, and Italy. They had long been divided up the loot and your soil. Curigailah them always. Do not believe their sweet smile because behind the smile and the promise is there conspiracy of deceit and betrayal, "said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei at the front of the International Islamic Conference in Tehran, Saturday 18 September 2011.

Iran is trying to describe the uprising and transform the Arab world as a repetition of what happened in Iran in 1979, the Islamic Revolution. At that time the leaders (shah) U.S. pro didongkel and replaced by hard-line clerics.

In view of Iran, the fall of the pro U.S. government in Egypt and Tunisia are the largest attack to the U.S. influence is also a new resurgence of Islam.

According to Khamenei, both U.S. and NATO, both will continue to try to dominate the formation of a new government of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Middle Eastern countries other. For that, he asked each state does not let it happen.

"Never let the enemy set the ground rules of the future government. Never allow just Islamic principles sacrificed for short-term interests. Preserve the traditions of Islam," Khamenei said.

Furthermore, Khamenei urged the Arab countries in order to concretely reject secularism, liberalism, and nationalism west, though admittedly also not easy to build your own system.

Therefore, he called on Arab countries to return to Islamic values ​​and teachings.

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