Know Your Pasta Pasta and How to Treat

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Know Your Pasta Pasta and How to Treat, Pasta is a product of hard wheat flour or durum wheat flour varieties semolina (durum milled), the grains of wheat seeds. The flour is mixed water enriched with eggs. Once formed, the pasta is dried up water level is 12% and can be stored longer.

Know Your Pasta Pasta and How to Treat,Pasta feels good when boiled down is not raw and not too mature so that it feels springy when bitten.

Boil pasta in plenty of water and boiled. 1.5 Comparison liters of water for 100 grams of pasta. This method allows the pasta perfectly fluffy and does not stick together.

Wet pastes require 2-3 minutes of boiling and dry pasta 8-10 minutes. Add a little salt to the cooking water for pasta tastes more delicious.

Do not give the oil or butter to the cooking water that can permeate the sauce complements pasta.

Mix the cooked pasta with a sauce or a complement to the sauce while it's hot more pervasive and pasta does not stick together.

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