Leaders of France and the UK Visit Libya

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Leaders of France and the UK Visit Libya, Army led by the Libyan authorities yesterday 15 September 2011 are still not occupied several towns that became the last stronghold of power Moammar Gaddafy. Although the war is still not over, French President Nicholas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron's visit to Libya today remains as a statement of support for the new rule Libya.

Leaders of France and the UK Visit Libya, Sarkozy and David Cameron yesterday held talks with Chairman of the National Transition Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdul Jalil, and Chairman of the Executive Committee Mahmoud Jibril in Tripoli. In a press conference after the talks, Sarkozy confirmed France's commitment to help the new leader of Libya. He promised that France would provide assistance in various forms to the people of Libya, and help them rebuild their homes. Sarkozy declared, Gaddafy and his followers had to be dragged into court. He appealed to the Libyan people come together, a reconciliation, and avoid the "revenge". British Prime Minister David Cameron called on his followers release Gaddafy and struggle. He said the NATO military action will proceed from the need to protect the safety of the Libyan people's lives.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy's planned visit to Libya this time on two weeks ago. In Libya the reconstruction conference held in Paris 1 September, Sarkozy expressed his intention to visit Libya after the "new government" moved his headquarters to Tripoli. At that time, he states did not rule out the possibility of visit to Libya along with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Obviously, Mr Sarkozy and Mr Cameron's visit to Libya was not a surprise visit, but a previously planned visit.

Although the situation in Libya is still not stable, but the seizure of oil has begun. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said France is rational for companies to obtain oil contracts as a priority, because multinational military action against Libya launched and dominated by France and Britain. Their concerns have been addressed positively in a visit to Libya this time. NTC Chairman Abdul Jalil said the countries that provide assistance to them in the war against the regime Gaddafy will be prioritized to obtain contracts with Libya within the framework of an open and transparent.

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