Libyan People's Joy Welcomes New Ruler

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Libyan People's Joy Welcomes New Ruler, Libya The new government promised to create a modern democratic state based on Islamic law are moderate. The statement expressed the leader of the National Transition Council (NTC) Mustafa Abdul Jalil while delivering his first speech after the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Martyrs Square, the central city of Tripoli, on Monday night September 12 local time.

Libyan People's Joy Welcomes New Ruler, Thousands of people attend and welcome the joy of a speech delivered two days after Jalil arrived in the capital city of Benghazi. "We will not accept any form of ideological extremes, right or left. We are Muslims. For moderate Islam, and we will persist in this path," said Jalil.

"You all (the people) have been with us and continue to support us. You are our weapons against anyone who wants to hijack the revolution," continued the former minister of justice in the era of Kadhafi before joining the opposition and forming the NTC.

Jalil also promises something different in the era of the new Libya. For example, he mentioned that women will have an active role in the new era. On that occasion, he also thanked all the countries that have supported the NTC, including France and Britain.

However, in his speech that, Jalil also warned about the dangers of secularism. He also stated that Libya will become the country by making Islamic law as a source of law.

The speech was broadcast live on television is getting applause from residents. Fireworks are also visible at some point in the city of Tripoli. Capital of the sky also looks bright evening.

Although the new Libyan regime has moved its headquarters from Benghazi to Tripoli, the NTC has not been entirely out of danger of war. Therefore, the resistance Gaddafi loyalists still occur.

Some people close to Gaddafi reportedly hiding in the neighboring countries of Libya, such as Algeria and Niger. Prime Minister (PM) Niger Brigi Rafini on Monday, September 12, 2011 stating that the third child Gaddafi, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, Libya and the three generals were among 32 people who crossed the border of the Central African country since Sept. 2.

Saadi is currently in the country south of the Libyan neighbors. His mother, Safia Farkas, along with her sister, Aisha Gaddafi, Kadhafi and a number of grandchildren get protection in Algeria, Libya west neighbor.

NTC also continues to battle with Gaddafi loyalists who still control a small amount of their last base defense in Libya. Battle at Bani Walid, southeast of Tripoli, had been suspended. One combatant commander of NTC stated that they were waiting for a number of NATO warplanes continue airstrikes to target Gaddafi loyalists. In the war in the city, Gaddafi loyalists using heavy weapons. At least 15 troops were killed when NTC Gaddafi loyalists attacked an oil refinery near the city of Ras Lanuf.

Meanwhile, in their latest report, Amnesty International said that not only Gaddafi's troops when they did. The fighters NTC also allegedly involved in torture and murder as an act of revenge.

"NTC is facing a difficult task. It also is responsible for alleged human rights abuses and possible war crimes," the agency wrote in a report entitled War of Libya: Killings, Disappearances, and Torture.

Mohammed al-Alagi, Libya's justice minister of the transitional government, admitted that his forces had indeed made a mistake. However, he considered it not be called a war crime.

Separately, the panel member countries for the African Union will meet today's Libya 14 September 2011 in Pretoria to discuss the latest developments in the north African country. "The Committee consisting of five heads of state will meet in Pretoria to discuss the issue of Libya," said Bongani Majola, a spokeswoman for the President of South Africa (South Africa) Jacob Zuma. Members of the committee include the president of Uganda, Mauritania, Mali, and Congo.

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