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Meaning of Orange at the Google logo, Google has their own way to participate commemorate something. Google will create a logo which vary according to the theme which is being celebrated today. The logo is called Doodle. Is the famous Google Doodle doodle Charlie Caplin, and which has recently emerged is a Doodle to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the legendary musician Freddie Mercury. Today, Google Doodle appears again, with a picture of an orange. Why orange?

Meaning of Orange at the Google logo, Today, Google Doodle celebrates 118th anniversary of a great scientist Albert von Szent-Gy├Ârgy, "inventor" Vitamin-C and the father of the citric acid cycle. He is a Budapest-born researcher who won the 1937 Nobel prize for his research about the biological combustion process with reference to vitamin C and the catalysis of fumaric acid.

Born on September 16, 1893, is the son of Nikolaus von Szent-Gyorgyi, professor of anatomy at the University of Budapest. In 1917 he began to join the lab of his uncle, Michael and studied there until the outbreak of the First World War. When mobilized, he served in the Italian and Russian fronts. He completed his studies in Budapest and then worked successively with pharmacologist G. Mansheld in Pozsony, with Armin von Tschemak in Prague, where he studied ektrofisiologi, and with L. Michaelis in Berlin. Then he went to Hamburg for two years.

In 1920 he became assistant at the University Institute of Pharmocology in Leiden. In 1922 until 1926 he worked with HJ Hamburger in Instritut Physiology, Groningen, The Netherlands. In 1927 he moved to Cambridge as a Fellow Rickefeller, working under Hopkisns FG, and spent a year at the Mayo Foundation, Rochester, Minnesota, before returning to Cambridge. in 1930 he became a chemistry-medicine at the University of Szeged and in 1935 he also served as chair in Organic Chemistry. At the end of World War II, he served as Chief Medical in Budapest before going to Hamburg for two years.

Szent-Gyorgyi early research on chemical reactions involving Gronigen cell respiration. He describes the mutual dependence between the activation of oxygen and hydrogen and make the first observations on the co-dehydrases and polyphenol oxidase from plant systems. He also showed a reducing agent Dalma plant and animal tissues. He later returned to Cambridge in 1929 and describes the pharmacological activity of nucleotides with Drury.

After returning to Hungary, he recorded the activity of anti-ascorbutic ascorbic acid and found that Paprika (Capsicum annuum) is a rich source of vitamin C. In 1938 he began work on muscle research and found the proteins actin and complexity. He also developed the use of rabbit psoas muscle as an experimental material, published on the subject of energetic theory and investigate the regulation of growth and potential of the cell membrane. He also examines the function of hormones and keenjar thymus.

Szent-Gyorgyi scientists active in several associations such as the Academy of Sciences, Budapest and the National Academy, Budapest. He has been visiting professor at Harvard University in 1936 and Fanchi Professor at the University of Liege in 1938. He received the Cameron Prize (Edinburgh) in 1946 and the Lasker Award in 1954. Dipublikasinya writings include oksodasi, fermentation, vitamins, health, and disease (1939), muscle contraction (1947), Natural Life (1947), and body muscle contraction in the heart (1953), and bioenergetics (1957).

He married Cornelia Demeny, daughter of Postmaster General of Hungary in 1917. Slama of the 1930s he was active in the anti-Nazi during World War II and became a Swedish citizen. He provided extensive assistance by the Swedish Embassy in Budapest. In 1941, he married again to Martha Borbiro, co-workers at Woods Hole and has one daughter. His hobbies are sports and sailing.

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