Palestinian independence is the end of the Revolution

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Palestinian independence is the end of the Revolution, Analysts Respond to Full Member Status Efforts Ask the UN Step longer wants the Palestinians to receive recognition as an independent state and status as a full member of the United Nations (UN) into reality. It will be known at the next Friday 23 september 2011 when opened the debate at the UN on the status of the proposed Palestinian state.

Palestinian independence is the end of the Revolution, The question is, if the General Assembly (MU) the UN will recognize Israel as a state rivals, will the West and the international media use the term "Palestine" and eliminate the "occupied territories" is usually used for this.

According to Neil MacDonald, a political analyst who is also senior correspondent for CBC News in Washington DC, if Palestinians could get the official word list in the world, it means that there is also a Palestinian state. So far the term is used only of the Palestinians themselves as well as a number of countries that support them. Recognition was also still have strong legitimacy in spite of Israel, the United States (U.S.), and Canada determined to resist.

"Recognition like that shows how powerful for a nation to get the status of statehood," he said in an analysis published online edition of CBC News last Friday (16 / 9). Independent Palestinian state, he added, would be the end of the journey of the revolution who championed the people and its leaders.

Incidentally, CBC News also consider the use of the term if the Palestinians voted in favor of Manchester United Nations about the status of membership in the country. "We're thinking about the impact of these terms and will consider what is truly and ultimately recognized by the public," said Esther Enkin, executives from the Canadian television network.

Such recognition, said Macdonald, would be a victory for former Palestinian leader, the late Yasser Arafat, and his supporters who have never managed to achieve the main goal of their struggle. Their efforts had been colored by the spilling of blood of the fighters, armed with stones, bullets, and bombs to resist Israeli occupation for 63 years.

Reporters who had occupied a post in the Middle East for five years before moving to Washington DC in 2003 it acknowledged that Arafat had been a media headlines and the spotlight of the world when speaking in front of the General Assembly (Manchester) United Nations with a pistol holster on the waist. His successor today, President Mahmoud Abbas, are expected to make everyone bored when speaking in front of Manchester United Nations next week.

"However, it can not be denied that Abbas and his team is much more politically savvy than their predecessors. In fact, the ability of Abbas is more effective than-expected world," said Macdonald who also speaks fluent Arabic and French.

In fact, beber Macdonald, Prime Minister (PM) Salam Fayyad had managed to change the financial institution during the corrupt Palestinian leadership of Arafat into an entity that is recognized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a trusted institution in the country as independent.

Furthermore, according to the IMF, Abbas team has also succeeded in reducing dependence on foreign aid the Palestinian Authority Fari $ 1.8 billion (USD 15.66 billion) in 2008 to USD 1.2 billion (Rp 10.4 trillion) last year. This year's foreign aid to the Palestinians expected to stay USD 1 billion (around Rp 8.7 trillion). That is contrary to the financial aid received by Israel from Washington who reached USD 3 billion (around Rp 26.1 trillion) per year and growing.

At the same time, through a clear command, Abbas government has asked people in the West Bank not to use weapons as a means of achieving goals. "Currently there is only sporadic and civil disobedience actions more peaceful style of Mahatma Gandhi against the British occupation forces in India," said Macdonald.

He also alluded to intelligence Abbas managed to break the argument that Israel and Western countries over its refusal to the filing status of statehood in the UN. During this time they use the pretext of historical facts related to the Jewish state as an excuse.

Israel and its allies also consider Abbas' government has signed a cooperation agreement (reconciliation) with the Hamas militant group. Until now, Hamas still choose the path of violence to resist the Israeli occupation of territories in the Gaza Strip.

However, the Palestinians and their supporters argue that when David Ben Gurion founded the Israeli government in 1948, they also gave amnesty to Jewish extremists such as the Irgun and the Stern Gang. Both groups attacked the soldiers and civilians.

In fact, a year before Israel's statehood and the proposed membership, the UN special envoy for the Middle East Folke Bernadotte assassinated by Sten Gang. They considered Bernadotte threaten the interests of Israel. The killing was later revealed commanded by Yitzhak Shamir, who later served as prime minister of Israel. "No one is punished for the killings," Macdonald wrote.

Abbas's strategy is based on the strength of himself and his ability to harmonize the demands of the international community for decades. Namely, working in accordance with the legal framework and international institutions.

Only, effort and desire Palestinians have international law on track it may be facing the wall of the U.S. veto. The U.S. decision was made despite the likely emerging threats that the entire Arab nation will remain hostile to Uncle Sam if the reckless use privileges as a permanent member of UN Security Council.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Maliki told foreign reporters asserted that it did not want to look for hostility. However, the attitude of the U.S. government puts them in a position contrary to world opinion. In addition, the decision to veto the proposal would raise the question of Palestine on the credibility of America itself.

"I do not know what the U.S. stance in the UN and in front of other countries in the world," he said. So, we wait for decisions about the Palestinian UN MU next week.

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