Qadhafi's son Live in Vila President Niger

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Qadhafi's son Live in Vila President Niger, Saadi Qadhafi, son of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, was yesterday taken to a villa owned by the President of Niger Mahamadou Issoufo. Saadi and three Libyan generals have also filed for political asylum in Niger.

Qadhafi's son Live in Vila President Niger, Asylum requests existence is justified by Mohamed Moussa, the police officer who picked Saadi of Agadez, Niger in the north region. He escorted a convoy of five vehicles. "He's been in Niamey," said Moussa.

A spokesman for the U.S. State Department, Victoria Nuland, said Saadi was in the presidential villa under house arrest. "The government of Niger and the National Transition Council (NTC) Libya has cooperated," he said. "Before long, he will be transferred to government custody."

Niger's Prime Minister says his country allowed Brigi Rafini Libyans entered Niger humanitarian grounds. "Among these people, nothing under an international arrest warrant," he said. Similar reasons are also given time to accommodate Algerian wife and three children Qadhafi, some time ago.

Rafini said until yesterday there were 32 residents had fled there on Libya. Each of the 32 people mentioned in the circle of Colonel Qadhafi. Saadi came to Niamey a few days ago after some officials of the pro-Qadhafi to be there. Saadi arrived with Chief of Staff of the Air Force commander of Libya and two command areas. "He was heavily guarded and secure from the Niger army," said a source told AFP news agency.

Justice Minister Amadou Marou Niger can not explain whether the request for political asylum Qadhafi loyalists will be accepted or not. "We did not ask them here," he said. "If they're here, that's for humanitarian reasons."

Saadi was escorted by tribal Tuareq, which controls the desert in Niger, Mali, Libya, Algeria, and Chad. This tribe is known to support the Qadhafi. Aghaly Alambo, tribal members who participated escort Tuareq Saadi from Libya, said the former national team soccer players were escorted by a special unit. "The people who he believed," said Alambo, who also fought in Tripoli.

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