Rebel fighters deployed to the Sirte 6000

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Rebel fighters deployed to the Sirte 6000, Libyan rebels deploy six thousand fighters into the city of Sirte, one of the last bastion of Libyan leader Muammar Qadzafi. So says the rebel military commander in Misrata, Juha Salem told AFP on Saturday 17 September 2011.

Rebel fighters deployed to the Sirte 6000, Rebel military commander, Salem Juha said about 1,200 armored vehicles and six thousand fighters were deployed to the town of Sirte and the surrounding, mostly imported from Misrata.

Sirte airport is fully under the control of rebels since Friday night, obviously Juha.

"We are now focused on a number of buildings in the city and surrounding areas, especially in the Wadi Abu Hadi, where forces loyal Qadzafi gather there."

"There may be pockets of resistance, but they will not be able to outperform the rebel forces are so much more," said Juha. "The issue of Sirte liberation has ended and our goal now is to liberate the South," said Juha.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Abdul Waheed al-Akouri, Qadzafi former soldier told AFP that they currently mengusai "highway and the southern city of Sirte."

About half of the civilians have left town and rebel forces have been doing our best to avoid casualties, said Juha.

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