Sarah Palin was accused of Cocaine and Marijuana Users

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Sarah Palin was accused of Cocaine and Marijuana Users, He also said to be having an affair with her husband's business partners, politicians as well as a strong candidate of U.S. President 2012, Sarah Palin, accused of using drugs and having sexual relations with an athlete's basketball before marriage. In addition, he is also involved in the scandal affair with someone close to her husband.

Sarah Palin was accused of Cocaine and Marijuana Users, All of these astonishing allegations contained in a book called "Bandit: Who is Sarah Palin Looking Actually" by Joe McGinniss to be published next week. McGinniss, 67, is the author of the famous with his book "Selling the President" about Richard Nixon's presidential campaign in 1968.

In his latest book later, as quoted by the Telegraph, Thursday, September 15, 2011, McGinniss said Palin was a junkie. In his holiday in the snowy mountains, Palin said to use cocaine. Not only that, the Republican politicians are also said to be of marijuana while in college.

Besides drugs, Palin also referred frequently romance scandal. He was said to have had sexual intercourse with the Miami Heat basketball athlete, Glen Rice, a year before marrying Todd Palin. Palin also allegedly having an affair with Todd's business partners.

During the writing of this book, McGinniss deliberately rented a house located next to the residence of Palin in Wasilla, Alaska, for several months. Palin furious and said McGinniss had spied on his family life.

Palin is touted as a strong presidential candidate in 2012 election against Barack Obama. Asked about that possibility, said Palin did not know whether to run or not.

Oblique accusations against him have come since he ran for Vice President in 2008. National Enquirer magazine had to review ugliness Palin based on interviews with several sources. So far, Palin responded with a not too serious.

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