Saudi Arabia to try 41 Al-Qaeda Militants

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Saudi Arabia to try 41 Al-Qaeda Militants, The trial of 41 members of al-Qaeda network began to be held on Sunday, September 18, 2011 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They are a fraction of the thousands of members of terrorist networks that have been tried in this country.

Saudi Arabia to try 41 Al-Qaeda Militants, Quoted from page Al Jazeera, the 41 people arrested five years ago for plotting an attack on two U.S. air base in Qatar. The mission that they plan touted as the most important offensive operations in the al-Qaeda.

41 suspects to consist of 38 citizens of Saudi Arabia, a citizen of Qatar, Afghanistan and Yemen. They were charged with membership in al-Qaeda, taking part in the attack on public buildings and housing, and smuggling and possession of firearms.

Some of them are also charged with recruiting and sending militants to attack troops, and several others were charged for sending money to the Taliban.

Two U.S. air base in Qatar, As-Sailiyah and Aludeid, subject to attack because it is used as an airstrip for the U.S. air force to attack Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. According to court reports, there is coordination between al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria to ensure completeness of the logistics for the attack.

As of April, the Saudi Arabian government has tried 5080 suspected terrorists from various countries. In June, as many as 85 people in court for involvement in attacks in Saudi Arabia in 2003. Not mention the threat of imprisonment or any other verdict against the suspects.

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