The history of the triumph of the Kingdom of Cirebon in Java

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The history of the triumph of the Kingdom of Cirebon in Java, Cirebon is an integral part of the island of Java, Cirebon is also related to their parent regions, namely West Java, and with a history of other areas in Java, especially in the centuries to 15.16, and 17.The initial capital when the terms of the Cirebon royal geographik and topographik pretty good and complete. This area has a high mountain and lush valleys, big rivers enough, the fertile rice fields, large rivers enough, the fertile rice fields and long beach with all the wealth that many of the sea at that time, following an international port in three locations: Teak Mura, Gutters and Japura.

The history of the triumph of the Kingdom of Cirebon in Java, The total area of ​​Cirebon early empire covering an area of ​​less lebi 5000 square km is the initial capital is quite large.
Upon consideration of the potential of such areas, it is understandable why the kingdom Galuh based in the City District Kawali Ciamis District distance of only about 60 Km from Cirebon, tremendous attention to "the subordinate" is, and always alert to the various activities that will lead to efforts to change the region of Cirebon become independent, free of ties with the Hindu kingdom Galuh the parent body, which later developed into a great kingdom named Pajajaran. Therefore Galuh Crown Prince who became the nickname of King Maharaja Pajajaran Siliwangi, binding marriage with a woman Cirebon.

After Demak which was originally a subordinate kingdom of Majapahit into the Islamic empire of the year 1475, Cirebon deemed worthy to become a partner in the west of the island of Java to a large extent in developing Islamic Demak.

Maharaja Pajajaran pretty much know the direction that political Demak, then take the steps that led Cirebon region can remain loyal to the Maharaja Pajajaran by providing an increase in the degree, namely Tumenggung and giving awards to the head area of ​​Cirebon. Apart from that, the territory must be the son of Maharaja Pajajaran Cakrabuwana fell to Prince, Son of King Siliwangi woman from Cirebon, who was then chief Caruban Village (old name for the Cirebon).

The course of history is not determined by man but by God. Apparently Tumenggung Cirebon, Prince Cakrabuana who has become a pilgrimage with his nephew's grandson King Siliwangi, Syarif Hidayatullah, precisely in the future undermining the existence of Pajajaran in West Java. Prince Cakrabuana still strive for developing the Islamic religion.

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