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Crysis 2 Games for PS3, Famous game with excellent graphics will soon release its sequel finally in 2010. Crysis 2 and this time it was made by using the CryEngine 3 course will be a very good game in which the prequel Crysis graphics using CryEngine 2 as a base, at the time the graphic card can not display the graphics of this game to the fullest.

Crysis 2 Games for PS3, This game certainly will require a high specification PCs, and this time setting the place will be in New York City devastated by an alien attack, and also the Nanosuit 2 that became an icon of this Crysis game, for some functions of what would grow in Nanosuit 2 this, whether to the latest fashion in addition to the mode power, stealth, speed as in previous Nanosuit.

This game has many features of the graphic with the Real Time Lighting which will be visible changes in light on day and night are dynamic, and the world in the game that can be destroyed and react to what is being done by the players, namely procedural destruction where the player can destroy the existing environment and integrated physics where the object will react when the player shooting or destroying it, Crysis 2 is also in support with the enemy AI systems, when the enemy fired upon by the player, then they will quickly seek shelter from enemy fire and also the players will react when players were hit.

Still not clear story that happened to Crysis 2, from the news that no player will be faced with the troops Crynet Systems, a company that makes Nanosuit and of course also the Alien, and not yet known whether the player would play as Nomad or Psycho protagonist of the Game Crysis earlier.

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