Egyptian Civil Service Salaries Rose 15 Percent

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Egyptian Civil Service Salaries Rose 15 Percent, Newer Egyptian Cabinet approved the increase of monthly salaries and pensions of civil servants by 15 percent. The decision was an effort to defuse public anger over a two-week demonstration in the City of Thousand Pyramid.

Egyptian Civil Service Salaries Rose 15 Percent, Finance Minister Samir Radwan, Tuesday (8 / 2) said the salary increases approved by the legislative committee of the cabinet accepted April. Financed increase in public finance at 6.5 billion Egyptian pounds or about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars.

Legislative committee agreed to form a fund of five billion Egyptian pounds, about 840 million U.S. dollars, to compensate victims of looting and violent protests demanding the bloody overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt held the first full meeting under Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq on Monday. Cabinet ministries to coordinate efforts to restore order in Egypt.

Previously, Mubarak held another meeting with senior government officials. Discussion discuss political and economic reform pascaunjuk taste.

During two weeks of anti-Mubarak protests raged in Cairo and Alexandria. Mubarak and the new cabinet focus to restore normal life to alleviate the people's political crisis. Mubarak will resign after his government ahead of elections ended September 2011.

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