Egyptian People's march

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Egyptian People's march, Egyptian people demonstrated in the Office of Government Television, Speech of President Hosni Mubarak on Friday (11/02), re-create the Egyptian people disappointed. However, thousands of protesters were undaunted. The proof, they are directly contrary to the Egyptian Government Television Office to continue the demonstrations.

Egyptian People's march, Protesters rate, Mubarak's speech actually provoke the anger of the masses. Moreover, its contents remain the same. Mubarak reluctantly stepped down and the only delegate powers to the Vice President Omar Suleiman.

Mubarak opened his speech by claiming that he really understands the demands of the people and the youth of Egypt for himself. The demand was reasonable and fair. However, he still refused to resign because of pressure or in-intervention of foreign parties. Therefore, Mubarak will stay until the election of the President in September. He promised not menyalonkan again in these elections.

"That's my promise to tell God and the whole country of Egypt on the future of Egypt," Mubarak said in a speech in Cairo, as translated by.

Mubarak also said the hurt and saddened by the loss of lives in this revolutionary movement. He also has asked Vice President Omar to investigate the matter and resolve through the law.

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