Egyptian Protesters Blocked the Doors of Parliament

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Egyptian Protesters Blocked the Doors of Parliament, Hundreds of people have now blocked the entrance to the Egyptian parliament building, just a few blocks from Tahrir Square. AFP news agency reported security forces guard the parliament building and running an orderly demonstration. They still demanded President Hosni Mubarak back now.

Egyptian Protesters Blocked the Doors of Parliament, They also expressed anger over a statement the Vice President Omar Suleiman who warned of a possible coup if the opposition refuses to negotiate with the government.

A coalition spokesman said Suleiman's youth group has threatened to apply military law.

"He threatened to impose military law, means any person who is on Tahrir Square will be annihilated," said Samir Abdul-Rahman was quoted as saying by AP news agency.

Separately, at least one person was killed in clashes between police and demonstrators in the province of New Valley, about 500 kilometers from Cairo.

This is the first fatal konfrontrasi which is believed to occur between the two sides since the demonstration on January 28, when dozens of protesters were killed.

The BBC's Jon Leyne reports in Cairo in Egypt appeared a number of reports of industrial unrest.

Around 6,000 workers at the Suez Canal, the canal that connects the government-owned Mediterranean to the Red Sea, held a strike.

The Egyptian government has announced several steps toward the transition, including President Mubarak will not stand for election next September.

Earlier, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in a telephone conversation with Vice President of Egypt's Omar Suleiman called for ensuring an orderly transition of power, meaningful, and have legitimacy.

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