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Hosni Mubarak collect Economic Team, When thousands of demonstrators gathered in the field ut-Tahrir, Cairo, Saturday (5/2). Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak gathered his economic team to discuss the economic conditions of Egypt.

Hosni Mubarak collect Economic Team, The political crisis that hit the country since January 25 and has cost about $ 3.1 billion, or equivalent to Rp 28.2 trillion rupiah. Conflict and violence continues to occur to bring Egypt from a nation that once viewed as a country that has the stability to the country towards chaos and destruction.

Local news agencies said Mubarak meeting took place Saturday morning at the presidential palace in Heliopolis, a few miles away from the suburbs of Cairo, who met the demonstrators in the city center. The report said several ministers attended the meeting among others, Minister of Petroleum, Ministry of Finance, Governor of Central Bank of Egypt and other economic officials.

On Friday, nearly 100,000 anti-government demonstrators who had gathered failed to force a retreat Hosni Mubarak, ruler of 30 years to unleash the power. Despite pressure from the administration to immediately resign was submitted and accelerate the democratic process in Egypt.

On Friday the same atmosphere among the crowd of several thousand in Tahrir Square calm, in stark contrast to the clashes earlier this week between anti-government protesters and supporters of Mubarak.

Egyptian Army, deployed to secure access into the field dipinggiran Tahrir, by conducting identity checks before entering the field ut-Tahrir. Security forces also tried to close several roads in, get rid of the remnants of the charred carcasses of vehicles and other debris.

Opposition leaders said the protests and demonstrations will not expire until Mubarak leaves office. He also said that the main action in the field ut-Tahrir will last until next Tuesday and Friday.

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