Hosni Mubarak Steps Down

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Hosni Mubarak Steps Down, After waiting for 18 days, finally Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak yesterday officially declared his resignation. Mubarak's resignation was delivered by Vice President Omar Suleiman, who broadcast live by Egyptian state television.

Hosni Mubarak Steps Down, There is now the highest authority in the High Military Council, which since the anti-Mubarak demonstration on January 25, did not want to try to get rid of the youth off the streets. The Board is comprised of General Omar Suleiman, vice president, and former intelligence chief, Air Marshal Ahmed Shafiq, who was appointed Prime Minister, and several other generals.

This decision was greeted with emotional by millions of people who at that time took to the streets, demonstrating in Midan Tahrir, in front of parliament, Egyptian television building, as well as the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis. This is what they are waiting for 18 days. The demonstrators shouted, danced, and many were crying. The military said a curfew was lifted yesterday, so they can party till morning.

Interestingly, some demonstrators climbed onto the tank and kissed the soldiers. This is a form of gratitude for the demonstrators to the soldiers, who for more demonstrations keep them from attacks by pro-Mubarak. The tanks are installed in Tahrir is a fortress which was to shield the protesters. Unlike the Egyptian police fired on demonstrators, the army chose to not spew bullets at all.

From the beginning, the army apparently was deliberately allowed this demonstration to roll and swell. There is hardly any in the history of Mubarak's leadership, the army allowed the demonstration of more than 100 people still in progress. Except this time. On the field they also appear to be united with the demonstrators. While at-Tahrir, Tempo witnessed how soldiers came to the hospital emergency demonstrators to ask for medical assistance for the soldier on picket duty.

Last Tuesday, the army has been like losing patience, they began to clean the Midan Tahrir from traces of a burning police car. But this step is prohibited by the student. They asked for the debris was allowed to be a fortress. Soldiers obey. When the troops want to narrow the space for protesters at Midan Tahrir with advancing tanks, the protesters banned. Again, the obedient soldier. One popular slogan is: "The people and the army immediately requested the regime down." By. Word News Today

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