Israel claims of killing Al Qaeda Leader in Gaza

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Israel claims of killing Al Qaeda Leader in Gaza, The Israeli army claimed had killed the leader of the militant faction Paletina through an air raid. Earlier, the faction leader is accused of launching rocket attacks into Israel.

Israel claims of killing Al Qaeda Leader in Gaza, Abu Daf moment which is the Army of Islam leader, was killed after a missile dilesakan of Israeli fighter jets struck the Zeitoun area of ​​Gaza. Armya of Islam itself is considered affiliated with the group Al Qaeda terrorist network.

"Our fighter jets successfully melesakan base defense missile that hit the terrorists. Previously a member of the terrorist attacks launched rockets into Israel from the northern border of Gaza," Israeli military statement quoted by Reuters on Friday, December 30, 2011.

"They are responsible for rocket attacks that lasted several days before," continued the Israeli military.

Israel's own party considers a series of rocket attacks was carried out by the Salafist group. In the eyes of Israel, the Salafi effort trying to break the truce they had agreed with Hamas.

Earlier, Israeli forces also killed Abdallah Telbani Salafi figures. The Jewish state has accused the hardline Islamic group helped assault committed by the militants in Gaza.

Israel's arbitrary actions are not free from security enhancements pascapenyerangan by a Palestinian who had killed eight Israelis in August. Since then, Israel continues to act increasingly repressive of attacks originating from Gaza.

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