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Latest News and Internet Egypt, U.S. Internet Restore Request Egypt, Egypt protests spread to U.S. cities, Internet News for egypt, Egypt's Internet Shut Down, According To Reports, Egypt Internet Market and Telecommunications Reports, Internet and SMS in Egypt Blocked, large demonstrations Coming After Friday Prayers, Internet and SMS Not Functioning, Tens of thousands of Egyptians protested on Tuesday in the biggest anti-government demonstration in this decade. Protests continued on Wednesday and Thursday, killing five protesters and two policemen in a clash.

Latest News and Internet Egypt, Cell phone service disrupted on Tuesday in Cairo area where most of the protesters gathered, and social networking site Twitter said they had blocked the service that day.

Internet services disrupted in Egypt, at the same time mobile phone text messages are also jammed. Two services were performing only a few hours before the activists, who use the two media was to organize large protests anti-government, plans to hold further action.

Egypt's like back in the 1990s, when internet and mobile phones were not as advanced today. Since this morning, all Internet and short message service - either via SMS or BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is not functioning.

In Cairo, Internet users say they can not access the web, but still others say access becomes slow start on Thursday night. Sending an SMS can not do anything now.

According to some web service that checks whether the servers used by a particular site is still active, find Egypt's main Internet provider's server shut down Friday morning.
Server for the Egyptian government sites and to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo also seems to have terpangeruh.

Since Thursday night, January 27, 2011, appeared in Egypt complaints that internet access in the country started to experience interference. The action was deliberate by the Egyptian government, which cut off almost all Internet access and communications to prevent a wave of massive demonstrations, which were still happening on Friday.

According berits station Al Jazeera, about 88 percent of Egypt's internet connection totally paralyzed. Computers in homes, offices, business places, government offices and even rumored to not be able to access the Internet throughout Friday. The Internet is still able to function in a very limited, such as stock exchange or military facilities.

Time magazine pages reveal how the government or the authorities have the ability to do blocking access. This is what happened in Egypt with a crippling internet connections in their countries in response to the turmoil of the people, who demanded President Hosni Mubarak to step-down.

The average individual's computer to gain access to the virtual world through an internet service provider (ISP) local. Local ISP then connect directly with a variety of similar providers across the world.

When opening a page and write the domain address in the address bar, such as Facebook or Twitter, the local ISP instantly submit any connection to the ISP that is used up so that the view will be directly available on the monitor.

This system will determine whether the access request to a page via the ISP would actually connected or not appear at all. If the DNS server is not working, then there will be no response from the destination pages.

The Egyptian government could cut off all Internet access with enough deadly DNS servers use a local ISP. So, every request to a specific page from a computer in Egypt will not be fulfilled because no DNS servers that facilitate the request. Demand for entry into the local pages in Egypt from any computer abroad will not work.

In Egypt, all ISPs should be subject to government policies, including when to shut down DNS servers that are used for the public. According to BBC news station, one of the leading ISP in Egypt, Vodafone, claiming that they received instructions from the Egyptian government to memantikan their DNS servers.

The same instructions apply to other ISPs. Not surprisingly, internet access in Egypt paralyzed.

However, cut off the internet network in Egypt is almost over for days can interfere with the economic situation in the country. In almost all countries, information technology such as the internet has become an important element to drive the economy.

Egyptian interior ministry said in a statement on Thursday night that the government would take stern action against the dissidents are planning protests after Friday prayers this. The State Department says its activists have sent a message to residents to gather in a number of mosques in the provinces-provinces in the country on Friday prayers today.

Tens of thousands of people rallied across Egypt, Tuesday, in an anti-government demonstrations over the last several decades the largest. The protests continued on Wednesday and Thursday. Five demonstrators and two policemen were reportedly killed in these demonstrations.

Cell phone service had crashed on Tuesday in downtown Cairo where the majority of protesters were gathered. Social networking site Twitter to say, the service is blocked on that day. In Cairo, Internet users say they can not access the web, some said the access is very slow and often break starting Thursday night.

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