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Legends of the Fall Movie Reviews, Watc online Legends of the Fall, As the title suggests, Legends of the Fall a legend because of the picture and story in this movie are so strong together, away.

Legends of the Fall, In 1995 Legends of the Fall did win an Oscar for Best Cinetmatography, but other than that in it there are so many touching stories. Dad who gave up her children go, the guilt of deep, love is erratic, long waits, the search for self, siblings feud, and much more.

Set in America in the year 30's, Legends of the Fall presents the wild scenery is so beautiful. Told in a plantation of a family living together. Childhood Tristan, played by Brad Pitt (Fight Club, Snatch, Babel), etc.), had fallen out with a bear. And then the story this film tells the legend surrounding his life.

Tristan who seek revenge for his brother, who fell in love with Tristan, Tristan is always an adventure (even told him to bring a souvenir from a shaman in Java), who became keeper Tristan family, until finally one day Tristan again met with a bear. All played exceptionally by Pitt. In addition to Pitt, Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lamb, Meet Joe Black, Proof, etc) that acts as Tristan's father also played very well.

The film is set in before World War 1, tells the story of three brothers who love the same woman. The three brothers are the oldest Alfred is full of responsibility and always take two. But Alfred was not so loved his family. Then Tristan (Brat Pitt) is a wild boy who is very easy to adapt to the traditions of Indian tribes. Then the last child of Samuel who always kept his brothers. In addition, the Samuel is smart (he study at Harvard) but naive.

The story begins with his father (Anthony H) which brings the whole family moved to Montana after being disgusted with the policies of the United States, which is unfair to the Indian population. Then they make the farm in his new place. However, because her mother can not stand the weather there, ibunyapun go to the east which he lebh warm.

The story kept rolling up to three brothers who grew up laki2 all of even this. Until one day Samuel came back from Harvard to bring his girlfriend, Susannah. Si Susannah turned out secretly crush on Tristan same as enamored with the wild and captivating charisma, gak ... but considering she was the girlfriend of Samuel and he's still in love with Samuel, he also tried to squash her feelings.

Before Samuel married Susannah, Samuel stated that he would join such a remedy against Germany's compulsory military service. Because the father does not agree, Tristan and Alfred accompany his brother (Follow-up war) world war 1, Tristan tries to follow Samuel (want to protect the time) and leave the unit or units. But Tristan could not save the brother who hit the gas and eventually shot the enemy. Tristan continues to accompany her brother until his last breath he took heart TT then her sister and was sent home for burial.

Meanwhile, the Alfred injured and hospitalized. And when he returned home, he actually applied for Susannah but was rejected. Finally Tristanpun home. When he visited the tomb of her sister, Susannah come and cheer. Eventually they fall in love. But Tristan feel guilty with the death of his brother. Eventually he too moved away from home for adventure.

Susannah's parents at home who still nebeng Tristan still loyal to wait. Until one day a letter came from Tristan who told him to marry another person separately. and the Alfred came and comforted her. Meanwhile, his father fell ill from a stroke and could not talk for a year which eventually led to the farm to be neglected. Alfred eventually become members of Congress and Susannah also accepting applications.

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