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Super 8 (2011) Movie Online, As usual, the JJ Abrams re-secret project with Super 8 film showing some of the instructions that spread via the internet and crossword puzzles to be solved such as the time to announce the movie Cloverfield.

So far, Super 8 is the title while a trailer shown during the opening premiere of the film Iron Man 2 on 7 May. Why choose title Super 8?

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Since shooting this film using a Super 8mm camera camera or better known as Super 8. To be sure, Super 8 is not as expected prequel of many people. JJ Abrams himself denied Super 8 is not a prequel of the movie Cloverfield. Viral marketing campaign with some clue also shown recently more and make more people curious. The big question, whether the Super 8 film that?

Trailer Super 8 opened with freight trains that move quickly across the tracks and followed with the inscription: "In 1979, The U.S. Closed Air Force A Section of AREA 51. ". After that, the camera highlights the barrier and behind them appeared a speck of light moving and somewhat vague from the sky. What is it? UFO? Not yet clear.

Writing re-emerged: "Were All The Materials To Be Transported To A Secure Facility In Ohio.". After that, a yellow truck in the 1970s fast-moving suddenly rotates 180 degrees and stopped right at the railroad crossings that are passed. Appears the inscription: "From Producer Steve Spielberg." Predictably then, a train that happens to pass directly hit the yellow truck to bounce away.

Also experienced the tragic fate of these trains, the railway was destroyed instantly by some train exploded and flying everywhere. Back it says: "And Director JJ Abrams": The camera then highlight the condition of the shattered train shortly after the great post-collision. Back it says: "Next Summer". A utility pole fell and struck a train carriage. It says "It Arrives."

The camera then approached the metal door car with the logo of the U.S. Airforce and suddenly from within as there is a large creature that will come out of there. Either the big creature is it? Super 8 title appears.

At the end of the trailer, the title credit appears displaying the words "Produced By Steve Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk," "Written and Directed by JJ Abrams" and underneath there is the logo "Amblin Entertainment, Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures." Site / Film suspected of Super 8 footage of the mysterious trailers this is a film that has a similar theme to the film Close Encounters of a Third Kind and ET's Steven Spielberg. Apart from the mystery of this film project, a collaboration JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg's worth the wait.

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