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Teresa Capitulo 128, Ver Teresa Capitulo 128 Online, Ver Teresa Capitulo 128 129 130 Online, Novela 'Teresa' Capitulo 128, Teresa Capitulo 128 en vivo, Teresa Capitulo 128 aired Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

Teresa Capitulo 128, Synopsis is told about Fernando in the department (Daniel Arena), Arturo (Sebastián Rulli) who will hold talks with his friend who has been improving relations with Teresa (Angelique Boyer), and Fernando questioned about previous problems because Mariano (Aaron Diaz), but Arturo said that so far no problems.

Maria Teresa did not tell what to do and asked to be devoted to the affairs, he replied that he was right and will focus on the Aurora (Ana Brenda Contreras).

Aurora looking for a house in Cuernavaca, but this time disguised and dressed as a gardener and ask if you are no help to a humble worker, Teresa Fernando holds a photo and said he and Arthur would help to restore the luxurious life they have.

It's an amazing story ..... if you are curious please see Teresa Capitulo 128 on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

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