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The Kennedys MiniSeries, After 40 years of life to fill the U.S. political stage, Kennedy remained diidolai family and their story is told over and over again, whether in movies, TV series, thousands of hours of television documentary, more than a thousand books, to thousands more magazine covers and articles.

Keneddy this miniseries will be the first mini-series based on the scenario script for a regular TV station broadcast a documentary history. In addition to Tom Cruise's wife, actor Greg Kinnear will serve as President John F. Kennedy and Barry Pepper plays so Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Actor Tom Wilkinson will serve as JFK's father, Joe Kennedy, Sr..

Katie Holmes has been appointed portray Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for the mini-series, The Kennedys', Katie Holmes will serve as the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or better known as Jackie O in a mini-series.
Not long ago the wife of Tom Cruise has signed a contract to play in the mini-series called 'The Kennedys'.

In the mini series lasted eight hours, Katie will get your opponent to play with other popular actors. Like, Greg Kinnear, a British actor Tom Wilkinson, and Barry Pepper.

Greg Kinnear himself also had a movie with Katie in the film 'The Gift'. In the movie 'The Kennedys' he will serve as John F. Kenedy.

While Pepper will serve as a leader Robert Kennedy. As for the actor Wilkinson will serve as Joe Kennedy Sr.. The plan mini-series will be aired 2011.

Mini series itself is divided in 8 episodes. Actor Greg Kinnear served as President Kennedy. Originally, this miniseries aired on the History Channel canceled by reason of this dramatization of Kennedy's life is accurate or more elements of drama. Reelz Channel mini-series and then buy it and plan will be aired in the United States from 3 April.

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